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It occurred to us one day that we ought to make some recordings of a few songs from our previous records, arranged for Shovels and Rope. You know, how do we em live! Then somebody got wise and says, “we should add these to the album, as extras, for the people, because they will like em. ” and then someone else says, “what about the folks that already bought O’Be joyful? We gotta make it so those folks can get the track As WELL. It’s important!! ” we stood in agreement that, in addition to the Deluxe Edition de O ‘Be Joyful which features these extra jams, we should release said jams onto the wild Internet yonder via iTunes, so you too can complete your collection, fan who bought that wax on preorder months before its release because you love us to death. As fate would have it, radio DJ John Richards of KEXP (Seattle, Washington) nearly burned his hands off getting that red hot version of Bad Luck onto his record player. Double good news for us, because he broke our new jam loose into the ether and can no longer be busted for crimes for leaving any fingerprints. Thanks John!

Posted on May 2nd, 2013