O’ Be Joyful! – AVAILABLE JULY 31st



Well friends, here it is.. after months and months of promises. Its on. We have written, recorded, and manufactured into several media our current “blaster-piece”… may she go down in infamy. In 5 days, this sucker should be available in your local record store. You will be able to purchase it online in our store (CLICK ON THE PIC ABOVE), on itunes, or from us personally at one of the 80 sum odd shows we have left this year. We want you to have it and we want you to love it! Thats why we have made it available to stream in advance of the release. Its like a money back guarantee in advance. Now, we need you to go out and get one for you and one for your little sister’s record collection (try the Cream 180 gram vinyl with gatefold, lyric sheet and photo of some neighborly mules). We hope you will tell your mama about it too, because she will really like Hail Hail Rock and Roll as well as Kembas Got the Cabbage Moth Blues. I know my mama loves it.

Posted on July 26th, 2012