Hey folks…. Presenting an original tee shirt design by Ollie Pruitt (Bearcat Studio). We met this go-getter two weeks ago in Athens, GA where we chatted about an idea for a tee shirt. 24 hours later, she emailed us this great design featuring the “pleasure doing business with you” hand shake, and the greek translation of “Making Something Out of Nothing”. Creatio Ex Nihilo is actually a fancy philosophical notion that the universe emerged out of nothingness…sounds like a whole can of worms. As it pertains to Shovels & Rope, its our commitment to make do with the best we have to create the best we can and approach all endeavors with an optimism that something great can come out of what seemed to be nothing at all.
Thanks Ollie for wrapping that up in a handy design, and thank to Marshall Thomas for the print job. You can have one! unisex sized Sm- XXl. 20 bucks, Free shipping!

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Gets Mine!

Posted on January 23rd, 2012